"We hired Cayla to upgrade and streamline our web development process. Her ability to translate strategy and design into workable webpages that could be built by overseas developers greatly reduced revisions and turn-around time.

Her design aesthetic combined with her attention to detail are probably her greatest attributes. She was able to revamp and redesign a website for a large client of ours almost single-handedly. Dozens of pages with lots of movement and animation had to be designed and implemented. The result was new fresh version completely on brand.

We also put Cayla’s talents to use on email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and presentations. Besides being a skilled designer and a pleasure to work with, her special value to us is being the bridge between other designers and the web developers. Cayla has a knack for translating designs into useful and beautiful digital deliverables that is very rare these days."
-Troy Hayes, Art Director at The Aviation Agency
"I highly recommend Cayla Penenberg for her outstanding work as a graphic web designer at our advertising agency. During her time with us, Cayla consistently displayed a remarkable level of diligence, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that greatly contributed to the success of our projects.

Cayla's ability to work quickly without compromising the quality of her work is truly impressive. She has a keen eye for design and consistently produces visually stunning and impactful designs. Her talent as a designer shines through in her ability to create captivating logos, branding materials, and web designs.

What sets Cayla apart is her commitment to following through on tasks. She not only starts projects with enthusiasm but also ensures their completion in a timely and efficient manner. Her strong organizational skills and dedication to meeting deadlines make her an invaluable asset to any team.

Furthermore, Cayla's thoughtful approach to her work is evident in every project she undertakes. She takes the time to understand the goals and objectives of each assignment, allowing her to deliver designs that align perfectly with our client's visions. Her attention to detail ensures that every element of her designs is meticulously crafted and polished.

In addition to her design skills, Cayla is an excellent collaborator and communicator. She actively seeks feedback and incorporates it into her work, demonstrating her commitment to continuous improvement. Her professionalism and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

I have no doubt that Cayla Penenberg will continue to excel in her career as a graphic web designer. Her passion for design, diligence, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and ability to work quickly make her an exceptional professional. I highly recommend her for any design-related position and have no doubt that she will make a significant contribution to any team or organization fortunate enough to have her."
-Bryan Del Monte, CEO of The Aviation Agency
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