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"We hired Cayla to upgrade and streamline our web development process. Her ability to translate strategy and design into workable webpages that could be built by overseas developers greatly reduced revisions and turn-around time.

Her design aesthetic combined with her attention to detail are probably her greatest attributes. She was able to revamp and redesign a website for a large client of ours almost single-handedly. Dozens of pages with lots of movement and animation had to be designed and implemented. The result was new fresh version completely on brand.

We also put Cayla’s talents to use on email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and presentations. Besides being a skilled designer and a pleasure to work with, her special value to us is being the bridge between other designers and the web developers. Cayla has a knack for translating designs into useful and beautiful digital deliverables that is very rare these days."
-Troy Hayes, Art Director at TAA
""I highly recommend Cayla Penenberg for her exceptional work as a graphic web designer. She consistently demonstrates diligence, attention to detail, and a keen eye for design, producing stunning and impactful work. Cayla excels at meeting deadlines and ensuring project completion with strong organizational skills.
Her thoughtful approach and understanding of project goals result in designs that align perfectly with client visions. Additionally, Cayla is a collaborative communicator who actively seeks feedback and strives for continuous improvement. Her professionalism and positive attitude make her a valuable team member.
Cayla's passion for design and commitment to excellence make her an outstanding choice for any design-related position. I am confident she will be a significant asset to any team or organization."
-Bryan Del Monte, CEO of TAA
"What more is there to say about Cayla than "Why haven't you hired her yet?"
Cayla is an exceptional professional whose creativity and design expertise consistently exceed expectations. She brings ideas to life with visually stunning designs that capture attention and align perfectly with the client's brand identity and objectives. Her balance of innovation and practicality ensures her designs are both appealing and functional.
Cayla's collaborative nature and strong communication skills make her an invaluable asset to any team. She listens to client requirements and translates them into remarkable designs, even under tight deadlines and while handling multiple projects. Her problem-solving skills, positive attitude, and commitment to continuous learning and excellence set her apart.
I highly endorse Cayla as a graphic designer. Her talent, professionalism, and work ethic make her a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to any organization."
-Andrea Morales, Business Development Director at TAA
"Contributing factors that make working with someone an enjoyable and productive experience are culture-fit and their ability to deliver quality work. Cayla is a team player! She is genuinely interested in the work of the agency and actively collaborates and contributes. She has a good eye for design detail, works well with ambiguity and always meets her deadlines (she usually delivers early). Cayla is a top-notch team member and I highly recommend her."
-Molly Christian, Director of Projects at TAA
"Cayla has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a loyal, dependable person, and team player. She takes pride in her work, is meticulous, and was always able to communicate well and easily with our web dev team located overseas. She has high integrity and anybody looking to hire her is lucky to have her."
-Moji Doyle, Project Manager at TAA
"Cayla is so bright, bubbly, and a joy to work with. She is a quick thinker and extremely thorough in her work. She can navigate the finite details while brainstorming a creative big-picture. If and when I run my own agency, Cayla will definitely be a part of my creative "dream team." She would be an incredible asset to any workplace but would thrive in an organization looking for good ideas with even better execution."
-Shannon Kelly, Marketing Manager at TAA
"Cayla is a great collaborative partner and stays on top of her work. She worked on a yearbook design project for two years and the book was beautiful and completed on time each year. She is communicative and diligent."
-Emily Petrie, Development, Marketing and Outreach Manager at Highland Hall Waldorf School
"Cayla helped me greatly with a graphic design project. She was professional and a pleasure to work with."
-Mark Mockett, Film Festival Founder
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